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Cron Job Features

The flexibility you need

When & How is in your hand

Time & Frequency

Depending on your plan, the frequency of your cron job is configurable from simple defaults to the full power of the Cron Expression.

You can specify the Timezone for each cron job individually.

When & How is in your hand

Additional Data

If you want to tell your system more than just when to start, you have two options!

Custom Headers

Your server setup requires a special set of HTTP headers? No problem, you can configure as many custom Headers as you want for each cron job.

Each header consists of a key and a value. There are no limitations for the content of these fields.

Json Payload

Each cron job can have a JSON Object which will be send in the request body. The structure of this object is up to you. From a simple key value pair to a full serialized class object.

Every data structure is possible as long as it is valid JSON.

Stay informed about everything that happens

Failed Cron Jobs

If something goes wrong and a cron job request is failing, Looper deactivates this cron job immediately. This way we make sure that no unnecessary errors are produced.

After this you can activate your cron job again and it will work as it used to.

Each error will be pushed to your configured notification channels. This way you can easily notify humans or other systems.

Looper can notify you by

  • Email
  • Slack
  • Zapier Coming soon


Looper signs each cron job with a HMAC Signature and does send it along with other parameters. This way you can easily verify that only Looper is hitting your endpoints.

You also have the option to pass a username and password as Basic Auth parameters.

If this is not enough, you can send whatever you want, by Custom Headers.

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