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Getting Started

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Looper is a Software as a Service that provides some features to handle tasks in time.


Webhooks are a perfect replacement for a cron table. If your system can't have a cron table or you want a more monitored solution, webhooks are a perfect fit.

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Long Time Queue

The Long Time Queue is designed to handle one task on a specific point in time. The difference to a normal queue, is that you are not limited in the time range.

Tasks are handled as a webhook. Each task can have a payload in form of a JSON object.

You can push tasks in the queue via REST API and your dashboard.

The time, in which the task has to run, can range from five minutes in the future to next year from now. This way you have the flexibility to build whatever you want. From an onboarding email series to a payment that is not recurrent but not now.

Each task has an id and is editable and deletable at any time.

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