Do you have something to do, in time?

Looper is designed to create a seamless experience for developers.

The idea behind Looper

We wanted a tool to manage all of our Recurrent Tasks for our apps in one place. It had to be Secure and Easy to use. We developed Looper so we can create recurrent tasks or single tasks in the Near or Far Future.

For example:

  • Onboarding email series
  • Recurrent payments
  • User feedback loops
  • Reports
  • Automated and conditional event management
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Manage all your recurring schedules and time relevant tasks with these tools!

Webhook Scheduling

For all tasks that must be handled in a time interval

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Long Time Queue

Task that must to be handled in the near or far future, but are not recurrent.

Cron Monitoring

Tasks that we don't want or can't handle with a webhook, but the execution must be monitored.

All your webhooks, jobs and monitors are manageable in your Realtime Dashboard or via REST Api.

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