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The power of Looper

Looper is your new powerful tool to manage all of your Recurrent Tasks for all of your apps in one place. It is Secure, Easy to use and designed to create recurrent tasks or single tasks in the Near or Far Future.

Use Looper for:

  • Onboarding email series
  • Recurrent payments
  • User feedback loops
  • Reports
  • Automated & conditional event management

Our Products

The right tool for the right task

Manage all your Cron Jobs and time relevant tasks with your new tools!

Cron Jobs

For all tasks that must be handled in a time interval.

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Website Monitoring

Uptime monitor, Mixed Content Check, Dead Link Detection and SSL Cert Check.

Coming soon

Cron Monitoring

Tasks that we don't want or can't handle with a webhook, but the execution must be monitored.

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Our Knowledge Base for Developers

We provide developers with all necessary informations, knowledge and best practices to get the best out of looper and into your business.


Find all necessary infomations on how to integrate the products and tools of Looper into your business.

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Here you can find tools and applications to easily connect Looper with your business and speed up your workflow.

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API Reference

Everything about how to manage your cron jobs, webhooks and monitors via REST Api.

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We provide several guides on how to get best of Looper into your Business, Software or CMS.

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Comfortable, modern & easy to access

All your cron jobs, website and cron monitors are manageable in your Realtime Dashboard or via REST Api.

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